There’s something of the narcissist in it. Blogging, I mean. Really, does anyone really care about these on-line musings? Isn’t it arrogant to assume that they do?

So why this compulsion? Why this inner desire to share our experience, our journey, with others? Perhaps we want to find relevance, hoping that something larger will come from the minute existence than we now see. A legacy, perhaps, or at least some acknowledgment that something will live beyond our small selves, something eternal.

Eternity . . . now that resonates somewhere. Yet from an eternal perspective, is it worthwhile to spend hours and hours pouring over words on a screen that few will ever read? Wouldn’t there be greater benefit to the world to ladle soup in a homeless kitchen? Or to build an orphanage in Moldova?  

Would Mother Theresa have blogged, given the opportunity?

It compares the most, obviously, to keeping a diary or a journal, if we are going to look back into the past. Great men and women kept journals that are now read by us to our benefit. But their greatness was defined not by the words in their journals, but by their deeds. And we go looking into their minds, searching through the words they penned, seeking to find a secret to their greatness.

But here I get back to narcissism again. . . is it presumptuous to think that someone will ever read or care what I have left behind? Isn’t it arrogant to even ask the question?

I’ve often attempted journaling only to find that in a few days or weeks the discipline wasn’t there. The notebook with a few marked pages in the front, lies mostly empty, another failure for posterity to find. Perhaps blogging gives us some “on-line accountability” as it were, incentive to stick with it, to aid our indisciplined flesh. On the off chance that someone might stumble upon it. . . .

Journaling, blogging, helps us see the hand of God in our lives. Our memories are short. We need to keep a written chronicle of the pathways down which He has led us. We must retain the lessons taught. And then pass them on to others. Experience is an effective teacher, but blessed is the one who can learn from the experience of others, and save himself the scars.

And if God is at work in my life, doesn’t it make sense that I share that with others? To glorify God in the proclamation of what He has done? “Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples!” (Psalm 96:3)

So, here I lay this humble blog before you, kind reader. Bear with me: as to writing, I’m an amateur. As to a walk of faith, reminded often of my shortcomings. Whatever paths are chronicled in these pages, are for the glory of the Savior who is more than worthy of it, the One who defines true greatness.


About Neil Burleson

I serve as a missionary in the country of Papua New Guinea.
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